About Us

The Vienna-based agency ARSIS was founded with the goal of becoming the leading artist management firm for conductors with world-wide reputations. Simultaneously, it is our objective to discover outstanding new talent, to foster such artists on the path to the peak of the artistic world. The name ARSIS (“upbeat” in Greek) was therefore consciously chosen as it stands on the one hand for the establishment of our office while implying our dual mission of bringing new momentum to the careers of established artists, and serving as catalyst at the start of young artists’ career. Our collaboration with Lewin Artist’s Management establishes our foundation on many years of experience. The guiding principles of our work with artists and promoters alike are trust, a sense of artistic responsibility and strategic vision, while our artistic work is measured by the highest quality and the long-term durability of our artists’ careers and our relationships with promoters. Our top priority is always the music. We undertake all our work with the dedication and enthusiasm necessary to serve as the “upbeat” for launching the artists we represent to the most important orchestras and opera houses in the world.


Latest News

Johan Botha
First anniversary of the death

To those who knew him, Kammersänger Johan Botha will never be gone, but will live on forever. We do not merely carry his memory forward in our hearts, but his vast artistic output continues to live..


“We protest against the arrest of Kirill Serebrennikov. The charges against him are untenable and indicative of the fact that the intention is to silence an internationally renowned director…”..

PHILIPPE JORDAN – Named Music Director of the Wiener Staatsoper as of 2020

We congratulate Philippe Jordan on his new position as Music Director of the Wiener Staatsoper as of 2020! „Für jeden dem Musiktheater verbundenen Musiker ist das Haus am Ring mit seiner unvergleichlichen..