Kirill Serebrennikov received the “Golden mask” for the performance “Chatskogo”

A Ceremony Without a Hero

„Kirill Serebrennikov took the center stage last night, albeit only in a metaphorical sense. Serebrennikov, one of the most prominent theater and film directors in today’s Russia, could not attend the ceremony. The director, as well as several of his colleagues, has been under house arrest for almost a year on charges of embezzlement.

Last year Serebrennikov did not attend the Golden Mask for a different reason: along with a fellow director Konstantin Bogomolov he declined to nominate any of his productios to protest the Ministry of Culture getting involved in nominating the jury members.

This year Serebrennikov received the best opera director award for „Chaadsky,“ while Alla Demidova was awarded best actress award for her performance in Serebrennikov’s production „Akhmatova: Poem without a Hero.“ Gogol Center, the theater that Serebrennikov still officially heads, was awarded a special jury prize „for creating a space of creative freedom, and a bold search for the language of contemporary theater.“

„We all believe that this injustice will be corrected and they will be with us here, free. Let’s wish them to get their freedom soon,“ said Alexei Bartoshevich, chairperson of the Golden Mask, referring not just to Serebrennikov, but his colleagues, who face the same charges: Alexei Malobrodsky, Yury Itin and Sophia Appelbaum. These names were mentioned by almost every presenter on stage.“ (Dmitry Dubinsky, April 17, 2018)


Kirill Serebrennikov is also nominated for the Golden Palm at the Filmfestival Cannes for his movie „LETO“.