Johan Botha
First anniversary of the death

To those who knew him, Kammersänger Johan Botha will never be gone, but will live on forever. We do not merely carry his memory forward in our hearts, but his vast artistic output continues to live on.

Since Maestro Botha’s passing, many examples of his work have been newly released. For instance, a CD with excerpts from his performances on the stage of the Wiener Staatsoper from 1997 to 2014 was published in Spring 2017. “Immediately upon the release of this disc, it was obvious how the void left by Johan Botha’s passing would never be filled. Beyond that, there are plans for the publication of a new CD from the Wiener Staatsoper with his work in the German and Italian repertoire. The celebrated Heldentenor can be heard on these discs in such defining roles as Florestan, Tannhäuser, Lohengrin, Stolzing, Parsifal, Kaiser, Apollo and Bacchus”. Porträt CD – KS Johan Botha

Johan Botha celebrated his triumphant comeback during the Wager Days at the Müpa Festival in Budapest, singing the role of Siegmund in Richard Wagner’s Walküre, but tragically this was also his final performance. The DVD of his performance was released this past summer.

As Maestro Botha’s musical influence continues to live on, we remain not only closely connected to his memory, but also active in promoting his artistic voice. Other publications, beyond that which is mentioned here, are planned for the future.